Halloween Eye Safety for Kids

Most kids love Halloween and dressing up in different costumes. As you prepare for Halloween, you need to remember that safety is key. Halloween can pose many threats to vision or eye safety. Your kids should be able to enjoy the day without risking their vision. The following tips will help you protect your child as they go trick-or-treating. 


Choosing the Right Costumes


Halloween is all about the costumes. As you strive to ensure that your child has the most unique, scariest, or cutest costume, you need to think about the issue of safety. Avoid costumes with sharp edges or long accessories. 


Choose a light-colored costume that will help ensure your child is always visible. If you opt for a dark costume, use reflective strips of fabric or tape to enhance visibility. You can also choose to accessorize the costume with glow necklaces or glow sticks. 


Skip the Halloween Masks


Masks and Halloween may be synonymous but unfortunately, the masks pose a safety challenge. Many masks tend to limit the visual field. This means that your child’s peripheral vision gets limited, increasing the risk of eye injuries. 


A limited visual field is a recipe for falls and the ensuing eye injuries. Encourage your child to forgo a mask that covers their eyes, and if they must have one, ensure that the eye holes are wide. Make sure that the mask does not contain sharp edges.


Keep Away Sharp Objects


When choosing props to complement the Halloween costume, avoid choosing sharp objects. Staffs, swords, and daggers can enhance any costume, but they can also cause eye injuries. Sharp or pointed objects can damage your child’s eyes or the eyes of other kids if they decide to role-play. Younger kids may also find it difficult to carry around the props, increasing their risk of falling. 


Avoiding Dark Neighborhoods


The dark adds to the atmosphere of Halloween, but it can also increase the danger. Keep your kids away from dark neighborhood streets. When walking with your young child, make sure that you carry a flashlight. 


Accompanying kids as they walk around will help ensure that they remain safe. You might need to keep your distance from the older ones, but your presence is still necessary.


Using Halloween Makeup


If the child’s costume requires wearing makeup, you need to be careful about the products that you use. Make sure that you use hypoallergenic makeup and keep it away from the eyes. It is not a good idea to use makeup on younger kids who may not be able to avoid wiping it off. They may end up rubbing the products into the eyes. You should also avoid the use of decorative or non-prescription contact lenses as they can damage the eyes.


Many people report eye injuries during Halloween. This year, you can avoid emergency visits to the emergency room by following these simple tips. Talk to your kids about eye safety to ensure that this will be the safest Halloween for them. If you have questions or concerns about eye safety, talk to an eye doctor. 


For more on Halloween eye safety for kids, contact Five Forks Vision at our office in Simpsonville, South Carolina. You can call (864) 392-8200 today to schedule an appointment.

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