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Common Vision Problems for Seniors

Age causes body changes, including changes in the eyes and vision. Most people experience weaker vision as they get older, with others experiencing age-related eye issues. Common age-related eye diseases include glaucoma, dry eye, presbyopia, macular degeneration, and cataracts. You can do things to maintain your eye health as you age.

Importance of Back-to-School Eye Exams

As a parent, you likely have a list of things to accomplish before your child resumes school. Do not forget to schedule an eye exam when preparing for the new school year. Protecting your child’s eye health is vital for ensuring overall good health. Annual eye exams ensure that children have healthy, normal vision. It allows them to perform better in school and in their social life. Here is the importance of back-to-school eye exams. 

Dangers of UV Exposure to the Eyes

Summer means hours of sunlight and an increase in outdoor activities. Most people remember to use sunscreen to protect their skin, but many do not remember to protect their eyes. The eyes are as much at risk of exposure to harmful UV rays. UV radiation can damage the eye tissues, including the cornea and the lens. It is essential to protect your eyes by wearing proper UV-blocking sunglasses.

What Are the Most Common Eye Conditions Associated With Aging?

As you age, it is common to experience various eye conditions. Age-related eye conditions are commonplace and treatable. Yet, there are certain things you can do to help maintain longer-lasting vision and eye health. By regularly seeing your optometrist for an eye exam, you can decrease the risk of contracting age-related eye conditions.

What Is Keratoconus, and How Is It Diagnosed?

Did your eye doctor tell you that you have keratoconus? If so, chances are that you have been living with the condition for several years. This progressive eye condition affecting the cornea is difficult to detect without a specific test. The treatment you receive will depend on its progression. 

Picking the Right Frames for Spring

If you are looking for new eyewear, make the most of the frames trending this spring. Finding the right pair of glasses that combine style and functionality is crucial for millions of people. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your taste and personality. Here are tips for picking the right frames for spring. 

Spring Symptoms: 7 Ways to Soothe Eye Allergies

Spring means warmer weather and the temptation to spend more time outdoors. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also brings spring allergies. Eye allergies present uncomfortable symptoms that can make life miserable.

February Is Age-related Macular Degeneration Awareness Month: What to Know

February is a month to spread awareness for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The disease is the primary cause of blindness and low vision among Americans. It is a progressive eye disease with no cure.

Importance of Eye Health

The eyes are not just the “windows” to the soul, but they are also a “window” into your overall health. If your eyes are healthy, it is likely that you are also healthy. The health of the eyes is also important as they are your way of seeing the world.

What Are the Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

If you have never had a comprehensive eye checkup before, or if it has been a couple of years since you had it, it may be about time to have one. The importance of having your eyes checked in a detailed way goes beyond simply ensuring that your eyesight is not blurry. 

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